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Here's some advice from one of our tutors who placed 1st in NSW 

  • Become super consistent: Day 1 year 12 I just committed to getting my homework done, and that was a big step for me - just spending as long as required to get the job done and doing this day after day.
  • Work smart, not hard: You don't have to cram all weekend before the exam if you do 45 minutes most days. 
  • Listen in class: Sounds obvious but a lot people forget this crucial step! You have to sit through class anyway so you may as well listen and jot down a couple points
  • Don't be embarrassed to ask questions: I used to just ask so many questions all the time to everyone I could - teachers, friends, tutors. Anything that pops into your mind ASK IT, no matter how silly. A lot of people get scared of asking questions and get left behind, so speak up and ask everything!
  • Have a reason: This can be a goal (display it on your bedroom wall), It could be your family, wanting to fulfill the opportunity of your high school education. Find a WHY and keep coming back to it whenever you get frustrated or consider not doing the work.

* Something that helped me switch on after year 11 was that I learned if I gave it my all for 1 year I would have so many more opportunities beyond school and be able to fast track my progress. 

  • Be really organised: organise all your notes however works best for you

Use folders, google docs, notebooks, highlighters, etc

Organise your time as well: Create a set of tasks that have to be done that day EG: section 1 2020 past paper

  • Enjoy it: Enjoy your hard earned breaks, if you spend a couple hours on a Friday studying, go spend time with friends and family guilt free on a Saturday. If you don't enjoy the year, you just won't achieve anywhere near your potential
  • Past Papers: If you're stuck for work to do or ever need to study, go complete some past papers. Start off doing them with your notes open and as you progress you can close your book and time it, but focus on question accuracy (even if this means using notes) rather than speed
  • Create a good support system: Find yourself a reliable mate, teacher, tutor, parent, etc - who knows the content really well and can help you with any challenging concepts, because when concepts get challenging the last thing you want to do is be stuck by yourself so find someone early

Enjoy my collection (below) of past papers and worksheets from my whole year 12 :) It's 35cm tall!!